Just In Time

JIT is a collection of concepts and techniques for improving productivity. JIT is a process aimed at increasing value-added and eliminating waste by providing the environment to perfect and simplify the processes.
Just-in-time manufacturing means producing the necessary items in necessary quantities at the necessary time. It is a philosophy of continuous improvement in which non-value-adding activities (or wastes) are identified and removed.

Putting this concept into practice means a reversal of the traditional thinking process. In conventional production processes, units are transported to the next production stage as soon as they are ready. In JIT, each stage is required to go back to the previous stage to pick up the exact number of units needed.


Reduced operating costs

Greater performance and throughput

Higher quality

Improved delivery

Increased flexibility and innovativeness

JIT Components:

Production Leveling

Pull System

Kamban (label or signboard) system

Good Housekeeping

Small Lot Production

Setup Time Reduction

Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM)

Total Quality Control (TQC)

JIT Purchasing

Line Balancing

Flexible Manufacturing

Small-group Activities (SGA)

Taken from: www.1000ventures.com


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